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DRM - devices and services Price EUR   without tax *
Fraunhofer SoftwareradioKlick here to download datasheet

and own additional commercial DRM- Products

Fraunhofer SoftwareradioKlick here to download datasheet

und eigene kommerzielle DRM- Produkte

(Only for non commercial users ! You buy here from Winradio)   (Nur für nicht kommerzielle Anwender ! Sie kaufen hier von Winradio) approx. 60,-

(You are loading the executable software over a link from a foreigen page. Extract the executable dream.exe and copy it together with the needed

(Sie laden die ausführbare dream.exe über einen Link von einer Fremdseite. Entpacken Sie die dream.exe und kopieren sie sie zusammen mit der erforderlichen  qt-mt230nc.dll in ein Verzeichnis.)


(A new interesting DRM - Decoder with more display and measuring functions than DREAM. Aopen source project, the  source code for download have to be compiled by Mathlab for Windows or Linux)

(Eine neuer interessanter DRM- Decoder mit noch mehr Funktionalität im Mess- und Auswertebereich als DREAM.  Ein open- Source Projekt, der Quellcode muß noch mittels Mathlab für Windows oder Linux compiliert werden.)

     Without key, the licence and key You get from Merlin by e-mail above. The CD contains additional to the DRM- Softwareradio:

-Shareware 30 days Cool edit (needed to play the IF12 PCM- Measuring files)

-Shareware 30 days Spectralab (professional spectrum analysis using the soundcard)

-Some PCM- IF12 DRM- signalfiles, one of it is a measuring file, that provides 40 dB S/N and haves no syncronisation- drop out at cyclic play. Af couse with new actual audio codec.

-Many documents with technical background informations about DRM. 

  Ohne Lizenz und key, diese bekommen Sie oben von Merlin per e-mail. Die CD enthält neben dem DRM- Softwareradio:

-Shareware 30 Tage Cool- edit (zum Abspielen der IF12- PCM- Messfiles)

-Shareware 30 Tage Spectralab (profesionelle Spektrumanalyse mit Soundkarte)

-Mehrere PCM- IF12 DRM Signalfiles, unter anderem ein Messfile, welches40 dB S/N aufweist und sich bei zyklischem Abspielen  ohne Synchronisatiosverlust  wiederholt. Natürlich mit dem neuen aktuellen Audiocodec.

-Viele Dokumente mit technischen Hintergrundinformationen zu DRM 


- contains wrap no drop out IF 12  signalfile with new  actual audiocodec

-please order by e- mail and call out the invoice number from the Measuring CD You haves already got. If the source of supply was the attachment of the  book "DRM- Empfangspraxis", we consist on verification of the book purchase.

-Without verification of the source of supply no single sale of the measuring file update  !

-enthält wrap no drop out IF 12 Signalfile mit aktuellem Audiocodec 

-bitte per e- mail unter Angabe der Rechnungsnummer, mit der die Meßsignal CD bezogen wude, bestellen. Wurde die CD als Anlage zum Buch "DRM- Empfangspraxis"  bezogen, bitten wir um Nachweis des Buchkaufes. 

-Ohne Nachweis kein Einzelbezug des Signalfileupdates  möglich !



Mophy Richards Digitalradio Modell 27024

Morphy Richards Digitalradio Modell 27024

Modification Kit for Mophy Richards Digitalradio Modell 27024 including high quality accu cells 2,7Ah (Sanyo)  Infos here !


Modifikationskit für Morphy Richards Digitalradio Modell 27024 inclusive Markenakkuzellen 2,7Ah (Sanyo) Infos hier ! 

Modifikationsanleitung hier !

Modificatiion Kit like obove but without accu cells

(8 pieces NiMh size AA R6 needed, minimum 2,1 Ah, recommended 2,7Ah )

Modifikationskit wie oben aber ohne Akkuzellen

(8 Stück NiMh Größe AA R6 werden benötigt, mindestens 2,1 Ah, empfohlen 2,7Ah)

Modification service , carries out all modifications by implementing the needed Modification Kit. Respect, the manufacturer warranty is lost by modification! Umbaudienstleistung, es wird der Umbau mittels des erforderlichen Kits durchgeführt. Achtung, durch den Umbau erlischt die Herstellergarantie ! 33,07
Firmwwareuptate to Version    New !  

Some bugs are fixed, Ferrite rod tuning now is much better, display backlight can be switched off or over timer also in receiving mode. 

Firmwareuptate auf Version    Neu ! 

Einige bugs behoben, Ferritantennenabstimung jetzt viel besser, Display- Hintergrundbeleuchtung kann auch im Empfangsmodus ausgeschaltet oder zeitverzögert ausgeschaltet werden.

SD- Memory card 512 MB Kingston with implemented Firmware Version ready for firmware booting SD- Speicherkarte 512 MB Kingston  mit geladener Firmware Version fertig für Firmware booten 16,81
SD- Memory card 512 MB Kingston blank SD- Speicherkarte 512 MB Kingston leer 12,52
Link for  firmware download Version

click here!

Link zum Firmware- Download version

click hier! 

for free
New !     New !     New ! 

 DRM compatible cable splitter  installation  

Broadband cable splitter installation AM 150 KHz to 30 MHz and FM (87 MHz to 110 MHz or   66 to 73 MHz) at one cable!
Without splitting attenuation (also at AM 150 KHz to 30 MHz).
High input ICP3 and low intermodulation distortions serves also DRM performance and allows  AM and FM  together at one cable  without interferences. 
1 dB amlifier output compression point > 20 dBm!
For 4 until 60 junction boxes (AM 50 Ohms FM 75 Ohms).
Junction boxes includes two separate isolation transformers  for AM and FM, this prohibits ground loops and is recommended for professional studio application.
Special components (amplifier, splitter, filter, junction boxes) with exellent frequency response (+-1 dB 150 KHz to 110 MHz). 
Special manufacture of the most components.
Prototype of the installation was carried out for a finale capacity of 60 junction boxes inside the old RIAS studio building for Deutschlandradio  Berlin.
Available components:
-amplifier 20 dB 100 KHz to 1,5 GHz >20 dBm
-junction splitter -15 dB   150 KHz to 150 MHz
-2 way splitter -3,5 dB     150 KHz to 110 MHz
-6 way splitter -17,2 dB    DC to 500 MHz
-junction box with frequency splitter,  2 separate output   isolation transformers, -1 dB 150 KHz to 30 MHz 50 Ohms BNC female;  +-0dB  FM 75 Ohms BNC female (voltage gain by transformation 50 Ohms to 75 Ohms)
-low pass filter 30 MHz 
-input frequency splitter
- bandpass FM
-AM and FM traps (only needed by location near a transmitter)  
Ask for well documented specs of the components.


Call out the wanted value of junction boxes, the cable way structure and ask for the system price !

ask for!
Low-Level RF-Power-Meter PWRM1
Wide bandwith (50 kHz to 300 MHz)
Measuring range  -70 dBm to 15 dBm cw; to 4 dBm DRM
Accuracy 0,15 MHz to 30 MHz  better than 1dB; typ. 0,5dB 
Direct dBm-power-level-reading reads DRM avg exactly !
Large, easy-to-read display
Diecast box, handy and sturdy
For use in laboratories, HAM-Radio, EMR-measurements etc. 
Option: switch over peak - average display, also as update forces  reads DRM PEP exactly ! (-65 dBm to 15 dBm)  datasheets here !
Universal DRM- miniature mixer unit (surface mount) 

Universal downmixer unit  from  455 KHz or 10,7 MHz to 12 KHz  (input of a PC- soundcard), designed for modification of existing AM- broadcast receivers to be able of DRM- receiving by use of the softwaredecoder from Fraunhofer Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen  or other softwaredecoders. Dimensions of the board 20x20x6,5mm. Oscillatorfrequenzy  eligible  467 KHz,  443 KHz or 10,712 MHz.  Power supply 7 to  20V. Current consumtion  < 6 mA . Optional crystal  467oder 443 KHz instead of LC; then   8,5mm high.

LC- Mixer fo tunable 443 - 480 KHz

use for IF from 450 to 468 kHz, stabile enough for indoor operation. For outdoor operation the crystal version is recommended.


            PDF- File ladenClick 




Crystal Mixer fo=467KHz

use for IF exact 455 kHz


Crystal mixer fo=462 KHz use for IF exact 450 kHz like foto above                                                 new ! 50,-
Crystal mixer fo=10,712 MHz use for IF exact 10,7 MHz like foto above 58,58
Ceramic Filter CFW 455 F    5 Pins; 10 kHz BW Keramikfilter CFW 455 F  5 Beine; 10 kHz BW 4,31
DRM-  Measuring- Transmitter Mixer

Generates a crystal stabil 10,7 MHz DRM- signal from 12 kHz DRM- baseband (soundcard output). Output level until -20 dBm at 50 Ohm. With our measuring file at measuring CD the RF- S/N gets more than 30 dB.  So You are able to measure Your receiver performance.The mirror- sinal at 10,724 MHz is not supressed and not inverted. The 10,7 MHz signal is inverted.   Dimensions of the board: 20mm x 20mm

  DRM compatible RF tuner unit  DRT1 
10 kHz to 30 MHz
input ICP3 +13,5 dBm, typ.             Datasheet V1.3 here!
12 kHz IF output  max. 1,5Vpp        Tuning software here! 
also customer specific IF up to 2MHz by example 24 kHz
only single + 5V  @ 220 mA  power supply needed
high selective 8 pol. crystal filter 45,0 MHz 10 kHz BW
also 20 kHz IF  BW on request
14 bit DDS LO   tuning steps < 1mHz   5ppm stability
variable gain control  range >110 dB
2,5V  reference voltage output for measurement application
maximum of reached decoder S/N more than 40 dB 
highest linearity supports all other  modulations like SSB, CW, FSK and so on, only DSP softwaresupport needed
dimensions only 72 x 57 x 8,5 mm
New! Tuning direct from DReaM- station- table now supported, hamlib*.dll here!

First praxis test report from customer here! (German language)




high quantity ask for!  


SAD1  kompleate RS232-  CMOS Adapter For tuning DRT1 via a RS232 - PC- COM;  a little board includes a 9 pin Sub-D connector, the MC1489 and a cable tail. Produced from AK MODUL-BUS . 16,80
New !     New !     New ! 

DRT1 Evaluation Board including placed  DRT1 


includes RS232 level converter, hardware AGC, 5V regulator
this board realises together with our tuning software or with  DREAM or other DSP software  a compleate SDR receiver
tested, ready for use without soldering, only 8-12V power supply,  RS232 cable (1:1) and a shilded audio cable to the PC soundcard needed
detailed description here

    Also eval board without DRT1 available, ask for !

Used as reference receiver for DRM- Project Hannover  



Power Supply for eval board


230V AC  to 9V DC 300 mA
high quality analog transformer, analog stabilised, current limmited, short circuit protected
without RF noise
made by FRIWO


DSP -Software,  tested together with our DRT1 

for free download click to the fat text part !

Informations about additional DSP Software links      wanted !

You want to adapt the tuning algorithm or want to create a customer own, please ask for well commented sources of our tuning software. This could be helpful in fast implementation of customer specific systems. N

New! SoDiRa New!Supports AM develop, sync, LSB USB, AM Stereo, AMSS, DRM and DCF77decoding, nice is the AM search option. Supports DRT1 tuning. It is possible, thatYou need an additional *.dll, You can download it here:FTD2XX.dll

New! MIXWNew!   Supports following digital modulations: SSB, AM, FM, CW, BPSK31, QPSK31, FSK31, RTTY, Packet (HF/VHF), Pactor (RX), AMTOR (FEC), MFSK, Hellschreiber, Throb, Fax (RX), SSTV, MT63.

DRM-Discoverer    Now the latest version of DRM- Discoverer from Carsten Knuetter tunes  the DRT1. So You can tune comfortable out of  a transmitter table also by use of the Fraunhofer Softwareradio and all other software, that is not able to tune the DRT1. Also a easy step- tuning (1, 5,9 or 10 kHz steps) is suported ( I use this together with DReaM in the AM- Mode).

DREAM   Best AM, good DRM demodulator. AM demodulator supports DSB, USB, LSB CW and FM mode. Also selectable bandwidths. DRM demodulator includes measurement utilities. A  *.dll for HAMLIB that also supports tuning from stations dialog is implemented.

IFDSP by IK2CZL , good CW and SSB demodulator with software AGC, AM demodulator sounds not so good. 

SDRADIO by  I2PHD and IK2CZL, practic skin, made for für I/Q direct mixing concepts, demodulates also by set an offset of middle frequency to 12 kHz single  12 KHz IF very well.  SSB, CW and AM demodulator.   

BKPCSDR50A by G8JCF, good AM, best SSB and CW demodulator, also software AGC. Several filter and noise reduction equipment. Also recorder mode supported. New ! Latest version supports DRT1 tuning by mouse wheel  and also  optional shaft encoder !

for free
AOR7030/DRM                                                                   By recomendations of the Fraunhofer Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen modificated AOR7030, the "High End"- device for DRM- receiving, also used by proffessional customers. In addition we carry out a finetuning of the 1st crystal filter. A typical response over all, reached by finetuning, You can see here. 10 KHz to 30 MHz; Intermodulation- free dynamic range 104 dB; Blocking +14dBm; Noise floor -123dBm; ICP3 >+30dBm . With 12 KHz IF- output and  2 pieces additional ceramic filters . Comes only from us including documented bandwidth plot of all 6 filter banks and backup floppy disk of S-meter calibration data.


DRM- Demonstrator     


Miniatur low power DRM Transmitter for fair and demonstration
+10 dBm true rms DRM RF power
approx.  0dBm to +6 dBm  true rms DRM radiation power
more than 50m transmitting radius (at free frequency)
customer wanted fixed crystal frequency (range 10 -27 MHz)
including matched 1,2 m  carbon whip antenna
12 KHz baseband input (baseband from PC soundcard)
12V @ 100 mA  DC power required

Attention !  Refer to the laws of Your country, in some countrys also for 1mW radiation power a transmitting licence is needed ! 



DRM- Modification Instructions for several receiver, by use of our Mixer - Units .

Positiv tested, if not other noted  ! 

Thanks all for the spade- work !

Send us the istruction or a link to, if You have a new receiver modification !

AKD Target HF3/DRM




Kenwood R1000/DRM



Lowe / SMC HF-150/DRM


Link to many other receiver types


Modificated receiver with negative test result:

Don´t try it again !

Also Infos welcomed !

Grundig Yacht boy 400 At 2 of 3 tested receivers: Bad decoder S/N by peaks in phase noise of the LO. This gets  to breaks in decoding, also by hardware blocking of the IF- counter- DAFC. Even though the IF- spectrum looks good.

NASA HF4E At some input signals DRM decoding is possible, but the performance is verry bad. Several reasons, changing of impedances at operating AGC, phase noise of LO, bad filter matching  comression by gain controlling a.s.o. . 


B.Kainka/U.Schneider, DRM-Empfangspraxis, Franzis-Verlag ca. 1/2004

Digitaler Rundfunk unter 30 MHz gelingt bereits mit einfachsten Empfängern. Das Buch beschreibt den Selbstbau, den Einsatz fertiger Empfänger und den Umbau vorhandener Geräte. Es richtet sich nicht nur an erfahrene HF-Spezialisten, sondern auch an Einsteiger. Neugier genügt. Enthält DRM- Meßsignal CD mit veraltetem Audiocodec. Updatemöglichkeit auf aktuellen Audiocodec siehe Seitenanfang.

                    Sofort  auch über uns lieferbar!



B.Kainka/U.Schneider, DRM-Empfangspraxis, Franzis-Verlag approx. 1/2004

Digital Broadcast below 30 MHz is to hear with simple home brewed circuits. The book describes the home brewing  and the use and modification of existing receivers.  For newcomers  also for secialists. Be inquisitive !  German language. Including DRM- measuring signal CD with previous audio codec. Update to actual audio codec see above start position of this page.

                    Also available now over us!



DRM- transmitting power amplifier solid state

output power 1 kW peak ; 100W DRM true rms
high linear 50 dB gain
integrated power supply 230 Volts ac
integrated harmonic filter 28 MHz
dimensions only 3 higness units 19"
frequencie range 2  to 28 MHz
protection circuits
also as driver unit for linear final stage
medium wave version in preparation

Datasheet see here!   

Used as transmitter  for DRM- Project Hannover  

New ! Used and testet device for EUR 5000,-


DRM- Modulator
Freq. Range: 50 kHz to 28 MHz
Output signal: Baseband at final RF, no I/Q
Output level: up to 0dBm true rms acc. 10 dBm peak
Linearity: serves ITU- limit curve
Power supply: internal 230V AC
Dimensions: 19" 2 highness units
Audio Input: Chinch L+R (600 Ohms or10 kOhms)
Remote control: Ethernet RJ45
Operating system: LINUX
Processor: VIA C3 1000 MHz
HDD: 2 GB bootable CF
optional: internal precorrection at IF45 MHz

Datasheet see here!

ask for, licence depend
Broadband Loop Antenna  BRA1                                     
Active H- field aerial 150KHz to 30 MHz
With constant documented antenna factor                     typical 30 dB(1/m); deviation <1 dB  from 300KHz to 30 MHz
Outdor mounting available
High sensitivity, best ICP3
E- Field- Supression >35 dB
Lightning- protection free of intermodulation
For Fieldstrengthmeasurement, olso for receiving
Comes inclusive power suply and DC-tap
For example- only this antenna under several tested works with usable S/N under man made noise at:                                                               Projektbüro DIGITALER RUNDFUNK Sachsen-Anhalt
c/o Medienanstalt Sachsen-Anhalt
Reichardtstraße 9
06114 Halle (Saale)
Klick here to visit digitalerrundfunk.de
download datasheetKlick here to download datasheet

Long and short time measurement of fieldstrength values in dBµV/m 15 KHz to 1000 MHz


High accuracy, better than +- 2dB absolute lower 30 MHz,
Several detector types- average, peak and quasi- peak
Several measuring bandwides
Also mobile measurement in Europa
Exellent documentation with time zoom under "Next Viev NT"





Measurement of sensitivity of radios with ferrite aerial, also EMR measurement 
TEM cell is balanced to ground and well calibrated
Fieldstrength from 10 dBµV/m to more than 140dBµV/m
Frequency Range 100 KHz to 50 MHz
Accuracy better than +-2 dB, typical +- 1 dB lower 30 MHz
Other receiver measurements like intermodulation distortion, bandwide curves, AGC curves and more available




Development of rf devices, prototyping and factory of low series 


short development and prototyping time
also double sided  SMD -boards
we use the modernst components
new drm- receiver with USB-soundchip on board in development!





We are also able to design, adapt or repair antenna coupling networks for transmitter up to 250KW


for pretuning we use our new network analyser                   Agilent Technology 8714
problems with transmitter intermodulation or diplexer carrier suppression ? We will carry out a suppressor for You !  


Ordering and Payment Informations:

To order send us an e-mail with the delivery adress. Companys, located in EU have to call out the VAT- Number. You will get a before- hand invoice including shipping costs  and payment variants via e-mail back. When the invoice- value is added to our account  the delivery starts by German Post.

Payment by Credit Card is also possible. Bank transfere is more costly !  We accept American Express , Eurocard/ Mastercard and VISA. If You want to pay by creditcard, we will send You a mail order formular by e- mail. Print it, compleate it and send it back by fax. Normaly the shipping startts at day of fax receiving. Please respect that we do not accept the receiving of Your credit card informations by www because risc of security. 


* If the recipient is not able to prove a VAT- number (private person), the tax of 19% comes in addition to the prices (only EU).  For the handling of the customs-matter and the customs-charge the recipient is incumbent upon (only if there is one in Your country ). 

*Für Kunden innerhalb der EU, welche keine Steuernummer vorweisen können (Privatperson), und alle Kunden in Deutschland  kommen 19% Mehrwertsteuer in Aufschlag auf die ausgewiesenen Preise. 

Satisfaction Guarantee:

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our products you may return it within 30 days for a refund of the article prices ( without the shipping and transaktion costs ) – no questions asked!

Quantity discounts to dealers are available ! Also to organisations and clubs ! Ask for !