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Fraunhofer Softwareradio 

and additional own commercial DRM- Products

a Product of Price EUR   without tax *
  (Included licence and dongle basispackage with multimedia)

Professional PC based receiver for DRM

Windows based DRM receiver for audio and multimedia reception as well as monitoring and signal analysis.

  (Inklusive Lizenz und Dongle Basispack mit Multimedia)

Professioneller  DRM- Receiver auf PC Basis

Unter Windows lauffähiger DRM- Softwarereceiver für Audio- und Multimediaempfang sowie für Signalüberwachung und Signalanalysis.

remote access of a any Basis Package AOR AR7030 FhG Software Receiver via TCP/IP network connection
direct connection to a DRM-CS (DRM- Content Server)
Fernbedienung der Basisversion mit AOR AR7030 über eine TCP/IP Netzwerkverbindung
direte Verbindung zu einem DRM-CS (DRM- Content Server)
  (includes SE127 output and control)

Monitoring: switches  the display to

FFT of the IQ input signal
QAM constellation
plot of the channel estimation
plot of the impulse response
AAC error status

Recording:  following datastreams can be recorded

PCM input signal
IQ input signal
AAC status log
Receiver status
Receiver statistics
  (Inclusive SE127 output und control)

Monitoring: Umschalten des Displayfensters auf 

FFT des IQ Eingangssignales
QAM Konstellationsdiagramm
Plot der Channel Estimation
Plot der Impulsantwort
AAC Fehlerstatus

Recording: Aufzeichnung folgender Datenströme

PCM Eingangssignal
IQ Eingangssignal
AAC Status Log 
Receiver Status
Receiver Statistik
  (requires O5)

This option provides the possibility ti inspect the input signals and the processed signals at various stages in the decoder. The informetion can either be displayed in a graphic plot or be recorded to a file on the harddisc. Also histogramm plots and two dimensional plots are availible. 

  (O5 erforderlich)

Diese Option ermöglicht die genauere Untersuchung von Eingangssignalen und verarbeiteten Signalen in verschiedenen Prozessstufen des Decoders. Die Informationen können in graphischer Form dargestellt werden oder als File auf der Festplatte gespeichert werden. Auch Histogramm- Darstellung und zweidimensionale Darstellung ist möglich.

Quantitydiscount from 5 pieces ! Sonderkonditionen ab  ab 5 Stück ! ask for
Softwaremanual click hereBRA1.pdf (12K) Softwarebeschreibung click hierBRA1.pdf (12K) free
AOR7030/DRM                                                                   By recomendations of the Fraunhofer Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen modificated AOR7030, the "High End"- device for DRM- receiving, also used by proffessional customers. In addition we carry out a finetuning of the 1st crystal filter. A typical response over all, reached by finetuning, You can see here. 10 KHz to 30 MHz; Intermodulation- free dynamic range 104 dB; Blocking +14dBm; Noise floor -123dBm; ICP3 >+30dBm . With 12 KHz IF- output and  3 pieces additional ceramic filters .



This for DRM modified Receiver is one with the best price/performance ratio. With our crystalmixer, replaced ceramic filter and finetuning of the 1st crystal filter. Specs You can see here .

This is the last chance to get one, this offer is subject to availibility! 


New ! Notebook

LEO Pirhana NB1528                             

100% 24h DRM- tested. Internal soundcard DRM compatible, low imedance Line Out drives also headphones. 

Inclusive WIN XP Home and preinstalled DRM Softwareradio. Optional preinstalled FhG Softwareradio. Optional preinstalled DReaM. Additional software licence prices (only FhG Softwareradio and DRM Softwareradio) see at start position of this page.The preinstalled DReaM is free. 

CPU: Sempron Mobile 2800+ 
TFT: 15,1" XGA 1024x768
VGA:S3 Unichrome Pro 64MB
4type card reader
LAN: 10/100 + W-Lan802.11G
Modem: 56K V.90
1x RS232 (needed for DRT1)
1xLine- out headphone
1x SPDIF digital out
1x Mic/Line in
4x USB2.0
1x Parallel
Professional DRM-Transmitter Monitor                
19" rack mount built in AR-7030/DRM and audioamplifier
monitor broadband loudspeaker at frontpanel
stereo headphone jack at frontpanel
industrial PC including  Windows 2000; including measurement and monitoring software "Softwareradio" from Fraunhofer Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen  (basispack)
including softwareoption O5 (monitoring and recording)  
remote control of AR-7030
CD write of datastreams
including alarm- relay, switching at lost of audio decoding
including H- field probe HFS1 used as near field antenna

DRM- transmitting power amplifier 

output power 1 kW peak ; 100W DRM true rms
high linear 50 dB gain
integrated power supply 230 Volts ac
integrated harmonic filter 28 MHz
dimensions only 3 higness units 19"
frequencie range 2  to 28 MHz
protection circuits
also as driver unit for linear PA
medium wave version in preparation
DRM- modulator 1 highness unit 19" in preparation  



Broadband Loop Antenna  BRA1                                     
Active H- field aerial 150KHz to 30 MHz
With constant documented antenna factor                     typical 30 dB(1/m); deviation <1 dB  from 300KHz to 30 MHz
Outdor mounting available
High sensitivity, best ICP3
E- Field- Supression >35 dB
Lightning- protection free of intermodulation
For Fieldstrengthmeasurement, olso for receiving
Comes inclusive power suply and DC-tap

                download datasheetKlick here to download datasheet

Low-Level RF-Power-Meter PWRM1
Wide bandwith (50 kHz to 300 MHz)
Measuring range  -70 dBm to 15 dBm cw; to 4 dBm DRM
Accuracy 0,15 MHz to 30 MHz  better than 1dB; typ. 0,5dB 
Direct dBm-power-level-reading reads DRM avg exactly !
Large, easy-to-read display
Diecast box, handy and sturdy
For use in laboratories, HAM-Radio, EMR-measurements etc. 
Option: switch over peak - average display, also as update forces  reads DRM PEP exactly ! (-65 dBm to 15 dBm)  download datasheetsKlick here to download datasheet